Business Improvement

1. Lead Generation
There are many, many things that you can do to make a tremendous difference in your success and income, creating more sales leads is one of them!

2. Sales Prospecting
You are not concerned about sales prospecting, or any new business development, you have more than enough business coming in from your existing customers. A familiar scenario yes? But this one of the most dangerous positions to be in ...

3. Prospecting Plans
Having a sales prospecting plan is essential to increasing your customer base with an injection of new customers.

4. Growing Your Small Business
Managing a business is like being a top flight athlete, always looking for ways to become better and better. There are three ways usually to grow your business successfully: 1. Get more customers,2. Sell existing customers more products and services and 3. Increase affiliate sales.

5. Business Growth Plan
In today's competitive environment we need, as small to medium business operators, every advantage that we can possibly gain over our competitors. To do this we must find new ways and methods to: 1. Find more prospects; 2. Sell to these prospects, and covert them into customers and 3. Retain these customers, and then keep them away from your competitors with innovative retention strategies.

6. Business Performance
Improving your business performance is vital for the continued success of your business.

7. Staying Competitive
To be competitive you have to plan for this, remaining and improving your competitiveness will be very difficult to achieve without a marketing plan, and this does not have to be a long drawn out exercise.

8. Market Positioning
This is the image or perception that customers have of a particular brand or company, relative to their perceptions of others in the same category. Or put more simply how your customers perceive your business compared to that of your competitors.

9. Controlling Your Labor
Controlling your labor can be the most profitable thing you ever do in your business, get this right and your profit will look after itself!

10. Selling Tips
Position your marketing and sales activity around what your product and/or service 'does' rather than what it 'is'. Think about what personal advantages the customer receives as a result of purchasing your product or service, how will they 'feel' after they have purchased?

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