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Here you will find our range of business intelligence software that you can use in your business analysis. These online marketing tools have been developed, tried, tested and improved over the years and many of our clients use these tools on a regular basis to monitor their business performance.

So scroll down and select the most suitable templates to help you in your business analysis of your operation, all you need to do is to insert your own data and you are off and running, it's that easy!

So we hope you find our business intelligence software an excellent way to track and measure the performance of your business!

These business analysis tools are designed by us specifically for small business operations.

The Productivity Manager - Brand New!

The productivity manager is a great tool to develop a number of scenarios for your business and to establish how to calculate productivity and increase your profitability in the process!

The productivity manager looks at seeing the effects on gross profit by changing a number of conditions relating to your particular situation.

The effect for example, of simply increasing the number of products produced per day (per worker) on gross profit really emphasizes the use of the productivity manager.

These and many more scenarios can be highlighted by making incremental adjustments to the productivity manager and all help in understanding how to calculate productivity in your business.

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Overhead Recovery Hourly Rate Calculator (Most Popular)

For Overhead Recovery Analysis

This spreadsheet template can be used to calculate the true hourly (overhead recovery) rate for your business.

Also this gives you the tools to set up the required recoveries for each individual responsible for generating revenue in your business.

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Employee Skills Matrix

A skills matrix is a very simple but very effective tool to assess the training needs of your organization, it is also a great guide as to the suitability of individuals for:

* Additional tasks

* Promotion (to a higher role)

* Team/group participation * Suitability for a newly created position

And the skills matrix is a great discussion tool for performance reviews, where the employees training can be assessed, reviewed and mapped out. Also the level of skills attained may assist in the salary review of the individual compared to other employees.

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Business Growth Plan Matrix

The business growth matrix is a great "what if tool" to develop a number of scenarios for your business.

The matrix looks at making changes from your current business data by % increasing and % decreasing the critical success areas of your business operation and viewing the results in a profit and loss format.

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Sales Run Rates Template

Sales run rates track your sales and margins by week, month or any period you choose to track, and indicate the variances and the catch up values for each of the periods you specify

Also this is a great sales tool if you have a team of sales people and you want to closely monitor their sales performance.

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RFM Principle Template

The RFM principle stands for Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value. Using these three principles you can develop your customer lifetime value, or simply, how important the purchase patterns of each customer is to your business.

This is achieved by monitoring their purchases over time and selecting a weighting factor for each of these areas.

A great tool also for establishing a customer loyalty program!

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