The Employee Skills Matrix

The employee skills matrix is a very simple but very effective tool to assess the training needs of your organization, it is also a great guide as to the suitability of individuals for:

Additional tasks

Promotion (to a higher role)

Team/group participation

Suitability for a newly created position

And the skills matrix is a great discussion tool for performance reviews, where the employees training can be assessed, reviewed and mapped out. Also the level of skills attained may assist in the salary review of the individual compared to other employees.

See How to use the Employee Skills Matrix

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How to Set-Up the Employee Skills Matrix Template

When developing your skills matrix you will need to do the following:

Clearly identify the job responsibilities of your employees, what is it exactly that they do? In this first important step, if you are not clear STOP! Do they have a job description? If no then develop one for them, if they have never had a job description before they would probably welcome the thought of their roles and responsibilities being written down for them!

Remember to include required codes of practice and relevant quality standards that are a requirement of what they do, and most importantly performance standards or key performance indicators (KPI’s). If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it!

Include also any pre-requisites for each role, and if the employees do not match this, then there is your first training requirement! Also include any required licensing or qualifications (preferred or otherwise) for each role.

If you are backtracking with this exercise then be mindful that to say that your staff now need to acquire qualifications to do the job they have been doing for some time, could cause a riot! So gradually build the training into a program that fits in with the employees, their work and the overall business operation.

Now you are building a process of continual quality improvement and over time a possible competitive advantage that you can market to your customers!

This will now crystallize their thinking and yours around how each person’s role dovetails into the bigger picture of the organizations goals and objectives. This is called ‘cascading goals’ whereby the goals for the overall business are achieved across the various departments of the organization (or the employees if you are a small to medium size operation).

Having now job descriptions for each you can now list the skills (training) requirement now and ongoing, you will use the employee skills matrix to do this. The skills matrix clearly shows the skills held by individuals and any gaps that require to be filled.

Use a easy to understand visual coding system to see who has the skills required and who requires training. Also you can indicate on the skills matrix those employees that are capable of training others (very important).

You should view your employee skills matrix on a regular basis and update as required to maintain a comprehensive picture of the skills required to perform the key functions within your organization.

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