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Business Services

Offering a range of intelligent business services, UMACS Business Solutions provides these services targeted especially for your business. Need ideas on how to grow your business?, getting in front of more prospects? or improve your business image?

Or does your business just need a performance shot in the arm?

Contact us and find out how your business can realise it's full potential and reach new levels of profitability!

Training and Development

UMACS Business Solutions provides specialised training for your business, our training is geared towards you and/or your business and provides practical tips, tools and templates that will assist you in growing your business. We can provide Training solutions for your business ...

Specialist PC Applications

Do you require a more accurate method of recording your sales activities? Is accurate forecasting an issue for your business? Do you need to keep track of your sales opportunities more accurately and frequently? UMACS Business Solutions can design a system using standard software applications customised specifically for your business and provide the training for you to manage this process ongoing!

You must always seize those hard earned business opportunities and keep track of your prospecting activities and that all important sales pipeline!

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