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How to Find More Customers!

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See exactly how I grew my business from nothing in 2003, using these methods


a practical guide to lead generation for small business!

Discover every strategy and secret I've learned from years of finding new customers using my proven lead generation methods, and all it cost me ... was my time and effort!

Hi, I'm John Duffield from UMACS Business Solutions.

There are many, many things you can do to make a tremendous difference in your success and income, creating more sales leads is one of them!

"How to Find More Customers" details everything I've learned for squeezing the maximum profits out of lead generation.

I've written this book as a step-by-step information resource to help you succeed in developing more sales leads, too.


This is THE reference book for every business owner who wants to learn the secrets to finding more customers ...

John covers everything: how to start, where to find them, how to rank and qualify them, and many unique ways to develop qualified leads, and so much more with practical lead generation strategies.

Being new to small business I have been gathering information on how to research the market for maximum sales and more importantly how to find new customers. This e-book is the best I have found, containing great information in an easy to read and understand format

Ivan Grillo
Victoria, Australia

John has included everything you need to know about lead generation ...

Thanks for producing such a great book, when I read it, I thought finally someone has produced a book with high quality information, instead of the same old re-hashed stuff. This book is a must have for anyone starting their own business as it will give them the tools they need to find more prospects, and techniques to use that their competitors will never have heard of. Brilliant!"

Paul Scicula
Fitness Infusion


How did I discover
these strategies
for finding new customers?

The author at work training business owners in the art of sales prospecting
That's me, training business owners in the classroom course version of "How to Find More Customers"

During the first few months of my own business, I worked hard to sell my services through cold calls - but I didn't make very much money at it.

It was frustrating to put so much effort into getting my pitch ready, and spending entire days trudging from prospect to prospect - and then come home with only a few opportunities to follow up.

But I didn't give up. I persevered, trying new things, researching, and eventually developing a practical system to test and tweak.

Through trial and error I gradually developed a more professional - and far more successful - approach to sales prospecting!

As I began to use and refine my new winning approach, I experienced a big increase in my number of qualified prospects (I call these RQP's, researched qualified prospects) and these eventually became customers, my new found methodology was now working for me!

Here's one example of the results I achieved,
using the strategies I share with you in this

You will be surprised at the results you achieve using these methods, maybe you might even gain a unique opportunity as a result of your inspired research or like what happened to me, be offered a lucrative short term consulting stint. When I was in front of a prospect (who I located through using these processes) she wanted to know how I found her because her business rarely advertises. She was so impressed with my professional prospecting approach (in finding her) that she asked me to train her entire sales team in my prospecting research methods

Now just how good is that?

(This was a direct result of using the sales prospecting strategies outlined in my e-book.)

I didn't share this to boast, but to give you a concrete example of the results I'm getting with the methods and techniques I detail for you in my e-book.

I've tested and honed these sales prospecting strategies so that they really work.

The information in this book has never been published anywhere else before. And I've held no secrets back - "How to Find More Customers" is your complete, 50-page, step-by-step success guide to prospecting regardless of the products or services that you are selling, the processes for sales prospecting are largely the same.

You don't have to re-invent the wheel and go through the same learning curve I did to figure out what really works. I've already done all this hard work for you!

Get More Customers


"This book is amazing! John is a seasoned sales person with years of real world business experience, and he shares it all in How to Find More Customers".

"As an business operator myself, I was amazed at all the great new ideas I found in this book for developing lead generation programs - showing that there's always room to learn new things! I'll be implementing John's great ideas in my business right away".

"This book is a must have if you want to continually keep the new business opportunities flowing in. It is jam packed with useful information that will increase your sales, guidance in selecting the right prospects (and avoiding the wrong ones) and so much more".

"Wow, what a great resource - I wish I'd had a resource like this when I was first getting started".

Thanks, John!

Elizabeth Shaw
7th Heaven

What You'll Learn in This eBook:

Prospecting Methods

  • There is business out there! All you have to do is find it. Prospecting is easy, you just need a system that tells you, where to go, who to see, what to do, and what to say. Also you need a system that helps you work smarter not harder.

  • You will have a proven system to follow in this eBook ...

Prospecting Approach

  • There is no sudden leap to sales success, there is only advancing step by step. Prospecting is an art, but it is also a science in that success is much higher if a systematic step-by-step process is followed as outlined in this eBook ...

Prospecting Planning

  • Part of the planning process and one of the keys to prospecting success is to develop a great script - called an Elevator Statement. Carefully crafted and internalized, this statement should be attention grabbing and realistic for your business ...

    The name "elevator pitch" reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver an elevator pitch in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes ...

Prospecting Time Allocation

  • This all depends at what stage you are with your business, how long have you been operating, and how much business do you have on the go right now. However you should never stop prospecting, even though you may be inundated with work right now, this will soon change and you will be scratching around for work once this current work has been completed ...

Sources of Leads

  • A lead is any source of information that could be converted into a sale ...

  • Sales leads can be generated from both inside your business and external to your business; both these areas, and how you can leverage off them, are covered in this e-book ...

Researched Qualified Prospects (RQP's)

  • As a result of your research, this is the process of identifying those  prospects to follow up and plan your prospecting approach to, finding those RQP's means more customers for your business ...

Prospecting Targets

  • Which collection of people or businesses are your target prospects? You can spend endless hours of your time throwing darts at a board; you need to identify as closely as possible who are your prospecting targets ...

Prospecting Time Management

  • To be successful in the prospecting process your time management skills need to be very good, as this is a classic example of time is money ...

  • Why waste your valuable time chasing an opportunity that you know you have very little chance of winning ...

  • Focus on the 80/20 rule, 20% of your prospects give you 80% of the real opportunities, so focus on these ...

Prospecting Pipeline

  • So what does it all mean? It means despite your business activity, your level of work you have right now, how busy you are right now, however engrossed you are in fulfilling a client's order for service you are providing, and regardless of how much business is walking in the door, you still need to prospect ...

  • Fail to prospect and your opportunity base will dry up!


  • There are many tiers of networking sources that you can access, these are:

                 Tier 1 - The Warm And Fuzzies ...    

                 Tier 2 - Business Associates ...

                 Tier 3 - Suspects ...

                 Tier 4 – Prospects ...


 All this and much, much, more is covered in this eBook!

Get More Customers


"John Duffield's book "How to Find More Customers" is a must read for anyone who desires to succeed at sales prospecting and increasing their sales leads, and business opportunities".

"It captures the reader from the very start, and is practical, inspiring and motivating. It makes the reader realize that prospecting to new (and existing) customers is not so difficult when you have his new e-book as your guide".

"He offers expert tips and techniques and explains to you exactly what to do and how to do it, and why you should, leaving no stone unturned. After reading this 47 page guide, you are prepared properly to succeed at sales prospecting, and finding new customers".

"You can be successful and increase your prospecting base after reading this very valuable and informative e-book".

"Learn from someone who has already succeeded and shares his experience with you! A very valuable resource for all business owners and sales people".

Colleen Lording
Wisdom and Business

You'll also receive these
3 bonus resources
that are essential to your success:


Bonus #1:

The Business Growth Matrix

A great easy to use product to supplement your prospecting activities!

  • The business growth plan matrix is a great 'what if' tool to develop a number of scenarios for your business.

  • The matrix looks at making changes from your current business data by % increasing and % decreasing the critical success areas of your business operation and viewing the results in a profit and loss format.

  • Excel format (.xls)

Bonus #2:

Sales Run Rates

Keep track of your sales from your new-found prospecting success!

  • Sales run rates track your sales and margins by week, month or any period you choose to track, and indicate the variances and the catch up values for each of the periods you specify.

  • Also this is a great sales tool if you have a team of sales people and you want to closely monitor their sales performance.

  • Excel format (.xls)

Bonus #3:

Hourly Rate Calculator

This spreadsheet template can be used to calculate the true hourly (overhead recovery) rate for your business.

  • If you can control your labor you control ultimately your profitability,  with this handy tool you can calculate and monitor the desired productivity of each (recoverable) person in your business.

  • This tool enables you the  to set up the required recoveries (in hours and dollars) for each individual responsible for generating revenue in your business.

  • Excel format (.xls)


You get 3 great business tools for FREE!

How's that for value?

For your convenience,
all of these BONUS RESOURCES
are downloadable after purchasing the "How to Find More Customers" e-Book.

Full instructions and working examples of how to use these great tools are also provided.


Get More Customers

"In this top-to-bottom guide to finding more customers through unique lead generation strategies, John examines every aspect of the complex topic of sales prospecting, from detailed, in-depth preparation and qualifying, to post-prospecting call evaluation and everything in between".

"And he tells you, literally, everything you need to know to do it right. He does that in a straightforward and easy to understand way that will benefit everyone from the complete beginner to the well-experienced sales person".

Elizabeth Wierzbicki


Learn how to find more customers using proven sales prospecting methods, and receive 3 great business tools FREE!

. . . for just $23.99 (USD)


Get More Customers

This book is loaded with proven sales lead generation strategies, tips, and years of experience that you won't find anywhere else!

You can access "How to Find More Customers" for only $23.99 - about the same price you'd pay for a couple of magazines!.

I think you'll be inspired by this e-book - and that when you begin using these strategies to find more customers, you'll find it's the best $23.99 you've invested in your business this year.


This eBook is in PDF format, if you do not have Adobe Reader then you can download this FREE by clicking on the link below

This is an instant downloadable e-book (PDF File)

Immediately after your purchase, you can download your e-book (and FREE bonuses) and start learning new prospecting strategies, tips, and secrets within minutes.

The e-book version comes with a No-Questions-Asked Guarantee:  If you're not satisfied with this e-book, just email me within 2 weeks of your date of purchase - and I'll issue your 100% refund immediately.

Your e-book purchase is 100% safe and secure - and 100% risk-free.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee


Get More Customers

"This is one of the most complete and comprehensive guides on sales prospecting I've ever read".

"You cover all aspects of the sales prospecting process. It's well thought out and has a good flow order to it".

"I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable business person, but this book offers tips and tricks in detail that even the most seasoned business owner could use. You have some new and innovative ideas I'm anxious to try".

"Your methods are complete and helpful under each category. You have paved the way for any newbie starting out in any business endeavour"....  "I can't tell you how valuable every little piece of information is, whether you are just starting or a seasoned veteran. Without using my new found checklist of everything I need to do to find a new prospect,. there would always be at least one thing that was forgotten previously! You learn very quickly that it's a process you can't do without. And I feel you stressed the importance of that by the completeness of each process that we need to have in place".

"Your RQP process a simple yet clever idea". "I always go over in my mind some of those points you mention, but never thought of using them as a completely new approach. It's a good way of keeping your scope of business on track. The best part is if you do fail sometimes to get a prospect meeting, you know you have done everything you possibly could. You have all the tools to be successful, just move on to the next one, and as John say's "roll with the punches" and learn from this experience"!

"And finally, you turned me on to the "tennis balls down the pipe" theory and I watch it work it's magic in develop a continuous stream of prospecting opportunities for my business".

"Your book has helped me refine some of the processes I already use. It has inspired me to take it a step further. I truly enjoyed reading it and feel it will be a great resource to refer back to often".

"Business opportunities exist everywhere, you just need to know where to look, as you have pointed out in your book. Everything you outline in your e-book gets better with practice and time. Sharing your experiences with others will help assure their success".

Thank you for publishing this book!

Paul Scicluna
Fitness Infusion

Get More Customers

Learn how to find more customers using proven sales prospecting methods, and receive 3 great business tools!
. . . for just $23.99 (USD)


I hope you purchase and enjoy reading my e-book!

Great Prospecting!

John Duffield
Owner Director: - UMACS Business Solutions


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