Sales Prospecting

You are not concerned about sales prospecting, or any new business development, you have more than enough business coming in from your existing customers. A familiar scenario yes?

But this one of the most dangerous positions to be in!

What if your top 5 customers (who currently give you 75% of your business) change their personnel - the people responsible for purchasing products, and their replacements have their own preferred suppliers, AND YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM!!!

Now you will need to find new business, new customers/clients and NOW you finally realise the importance of having a steady stream of new business coming in the door.

Welcome to the world of sales prospecting .... This is my world!

So you are in the right place and in safe hands!

How to Find More Customers!

The Sales Prospecting Process

There is no sudden leap to sales success, there is only advancing step by step. Prospecting is an art form, but is also a science in that success is much higher if a systematic, step-by-step process is followed, as follows;

1. Research and identify your targets;
Who are they? Where are they? What industry sectors would want my products and/or services?

2. Qualify them;
Rank them (in order of importance to you) and the possibility of success.

3. Meet with them;
Explore and confirm the prospect's needs and to present/sell your products and/or services (or at least to get a commitment to go to the next stage).

4. Present your solutions;
Having dealt with and overcome all possible obstacles or objections, you are now paving the way to closing the sale. Your solutions should be aimed at meeting some if not all of the obstacles and objections raised by the prospect.

5. Close the sale;
This should not be as scary as it sounds! Once you have developed some rapport and understanding with your prospect (you would get the 'feel' for this in the meeting) and once you have covered all of the above points effectively, then the process of 'closing the sale' or 'asking for the order' should be relatively easy.

This takes some practice and the more times you are in front of prospects the easier it becomes. Believe me!

Developing a Prospecting Plan

Prospecting should be a regular and systematic part of your selling process. As with other aspects of your sales role, a planned approach to prospecting will help you to maximise your results. A prospecting plan will help you to allocate the right amount of your time and resources to sales prospecting as compared to servicing existing customers, and your various other duties and tasks. More on this in prospecting plans

Setting the New Sales Targets

You we'll need firstly to determine how much sales should come from new customers over the period (usually one year). This can be calculated by estimating sales from current customers, allowing for a reasonable attrition rate or lost/lapsed customers (you may know this, and can estimate this from previous year's customer records). Then you will need to deduct this (net sales from existing customers) forecast from your total budget or target for the period (usually one year), this will then give you the required sales from new customers. From this you can then determine how much time should be allocated to sales prospecting in order to produce the sales required from new customers! More on this in prospecting plans

Prospecting e-books

UMACS Business Solutions has developed a series of e-books to help you improve your business opportunities. How to Find More Customers is packed full of proven, practical ideas and tools that will get you sales prospecting in a systematic and results orientated manner.

Prospecting for Success - Training Course

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