Small Business Mentoring

Most small businesses people operate to busy schedules, working long hours and six or even seven days a week. These schedules often make it very hard to achieve a balance between work, family and social and recreational commitments.

Mentoring succeeds essentially because it allows people in small workplaces to learn rather than train. In doing this, it mirrors many of the 'self help' strategies, such as informal business and social networking, already widely used by many successful small business people. At the same time it gives a framework and direction to the learning. This can transform mentoring from a 'knee jerk' response (with little or no impact on the longer term running of the business) into a powerful learning tool.

UMACS Mentoring Succeeds for Ten Reasons

1) UMACS mirrors the kinds of learning that small business typically use. The strategies are aimed at getting information or assistance in response to particular needs as well as when they arise, in a way which is convenient to the small business person and which offers an immediate solution. UMACS mentoring programs simply give a greater structure and direction to these processes.

2) It comes from a credible source. UMACS has 25 years business experience and has worked across a wide selection of industries both in Australia and overseas.

3) UMACS can provide a safe, personalised, trusting environment for learning.

4) UMACS mentoring can be conducted to suit the circumstances of the small business. Dates, times, frequency of meetings, meeting venues, all can be negotiated to accommodate you the small business owner.

5) UMACS can fully customise and address the needs to the mentoree.

6) UMACS can change and develop the program to accommodate changes in the mentoree's skills and perceptions.

7) UMACS mentoring can be a short or long term undertaking to address specific skills.

8) UMACS mentoring can also help foster a wider network or support system for individual businesses.

9) UMACS can also satisfy the mentoree's 'need to know' without being tied to recognised training and formal qualifications.

10) With UMACS mentoring it can be the beginning of a pathway into continued skills development through other training options.

Why not contact us for more information on the benefits of using UMACS to mentor your small business.

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