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"How to Find More Customers"

On this page you will receive instructions on how to download your e-book along with the 3 added bonuses (and associated files) that came with your e-book purchase.

There are several files to be downloaded please read these instructions carefully!

This e-book file download will be in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader to to open and read this e-book and other files in this process. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your PC then please click on the Adobe Reader Icon (below) to download the latest Adobe Reader (this is a FREE product).

Please make sure when you download Adobe Reader you identify the correct operating system for your PC (XP, Vista etc).

Downloading Your Files

Please Note: The download link (below) will open up www.mediafire.com and you will clearly see the files ready for downloading from there.

Download then one at a time by selecting the check box beside each file, then move your mouse to the right of the selected file name and you will see a download button. Click on this to download each file which will open up the required program to run it (Adobe PDF, Word or Excel).

If you do not have Word or Excel you can go to Open Office and download a FREE open source suite of programs that can operate existing Microsoft Standard programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

Note: If you check all the boxes to download all at once it will download as a zipped file, so before you attempt this please ensure that you have Win-Zip or a similar program installed on your PC.

The bonus files are all in Excel (.xls) format. The instructions on how to use these are in PDF format with the exception of the Hourly Rate Calculator.

For more information on how to use the Hourly Rate Calculator view a worked example Here

Download Your Files Here


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