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Most home business owners think their home insurance (home and contents) covers their business risks, but they are wrong!

Few realise that often their home insurance does not cover their business equipment, or is limited to what it does cover.

Other business items generally not covered in a home insurance policy include:

1. Stock.

2. Work in progress.

3. Liability risks.

4. Business interruption.

5. Business money.

While your home insurance might cover a small amount of business equipment, unless you have a specific business insurance policy you will not be covered for damage for the following:

1. The loss of profits while your business is down.

2. Loss of business cash.

3. Breakdown of vital equipment.

So, the key message is you can't rely on your home insurance to totally protect your business.

Please follow the links below for further information on the insurance requirements for your business (including workcover insurance which you will need to have if you are a company or you intend to employ others).

Insurance Requirements for your Business

Workcover Insurance

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