Vision Strategies Plans

It is important to understand the difference between a vision, a strategy and a plan. People often use the terms interchangeably which leads to confusion. In a business sense however:

The Vision

A vision is the long-term view or ideal that drives the business. This is the desirable state of your business at that point in the future. Feel it, describe it, what will your business be like once you get there!

The Strategy

The strategy is the articulation of the vision into practical reality, given the actual situation. The 'how to' to achieve the vision or goal. The bridge between now and that desirable state in the future, the VISION!

The Plan

The plan is the tactical means of achieving the strategy, the actions that need to be taken. The day to day stuff that we do to move the plan along from one milestone to the next, towards the vision you have for the business.


1) The vision shapes the strategy, which in turn shapes the plans that support it.

2) The time horizon decreases as you descend, with plans typically looking only one year out.

3) Certainty generally increases as the time horizon reduces.

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