Why Have a Website?

A website is no longer an option if you want your business to have a presence, an image and a market position. This should be a major consideration regardless of what your competitors are doing.

More and more business is being transacted over the Internet. Even if you do not intend to sell products from your website the very fact that you have a web presence can mean a favourable perception from your prospects and customers which may mean the difference between securing the business or wondering why you missed out!

Plan your website, be clear about the purpose, clear about the target audience, clear about the content and what your competitors sites look like before you start out developing your website.

Set website goals, objectives and strategies and remember one website does not suit everyone, so do your research on how your website can be different to everyone else's especially your competitors! Build a successful website on your passion.

A good user friendly content rich website will invite visitors to contact you directly with a comment or question, to order or request a brochure, make a product enquiry (or purchase), or subscribe to your newsletter.

A carefully crafted, managed newsletter can be a great way to keep your customers informed about your business and new products and services as they come on line.

As a golden rule a newsletter should be sent with the following guidelines:

1. Send often enough so that your customers will not forget you.

2. Not frequent enough as to be a nuisance and considered to be 'Junk Mail'.

3. Provide content that is both interesting and relevant to your subscribers.

Tips for designing your Website

1. Plan what you want to achieve with the website and who the target audience will be.

2. Focus on your customer's needs and expectations for a website.

3. Create a theme or consistency in the layout of the pages.

4. Relate this theme to the look and feel of your other marketing material.

5. Design your site for search engine optimisation.

6. Plan how you will use your site for e-commerce.

7. It should be simple and easy to navigate around.

8. It should be content rich with limited jargon, use the language of your target market.

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To find out more about the benefits of a search engine optimised website contact us and register your interest in a website that you can manage all by yourself.

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